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External Painting

We provide Exterior Painting & Decorating in Kent and the surrounding areas.

Our Exterior Painting & Decorating in Kent service protects your property as well as making it look fresh and new.

A coat of paint professionally applied can transform the exterior of your home or commercial property.

Exterior paints are tough,durable and relatively easy to apply to most surfaces and are made to combat against fading and mildew.

Painting an exterior wall requires some skill and patience and our experts are dab hands at it, with years of experience they know what they are doing.
All our work will be done with complete care and professionalism aa we pride ourselves in what we do.

So wether you need a big or small area painted we are the guys for you.
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We have years of experience within the decorating industry in Kent. We can come and visit you and give you a free no obligation quote.

We can also include maintenance work on your property exterior if needed.

We can serve all parts of Kent.